Cambridge Algorithm Fun

Immersed in the wonderful world of historical tech at The Centre For Computing History, in Cambridge.

My thanks to Anjali and Chris for a fascinating insight into engaging techniques for the teaching of algorithms.

Their delivery of this NCCE Accelerator course was inspirational, in every sense!

Also rather enjoyed the chance to explore the adjoining facilities at lunchtime and then to have the immense space, crammed with humming / beeping / clicking tech to enjoy – until it was time to catch the bus back.!





Transition Group Meeting – we are underway!


Thank you to everyone who came along to LPA on Wednesday (20th March) for the first major gathering. There was a sense of tangible potential in the room that will make the next step – reporting on the data as a research project – a fun challenge to underpin the initiatives ahead.┬áThank you especially to Beverly who shared NCCE opportunities to all and for her encouragements. The mix of Primary and Secondary colleagues in one room, all sharing and documenting what they see of Transition each year – and taking the time to record those experiences with a view to improving the outlook for all pupils – was a mighty resource in action.






Team Swindon @BCS

Thanks to Beverly and all at BCS for a great start to our NCCE Facilitator Development Program. Swindon were well represented; robots were coded; and the Primary / Secondary / Tertiary worlds of education thoroughly post-it noted!


Apple IIc reboot

The continuing mission to seek out new ways to get my Dad’s old Apple IIc working – an update.

Looks like a capacitor on the main board might be the culprit. All chips now re-seated (first time using ‘spodging’ tools!)






GWA Coding Enrichment Club

Thank you to Graham and all at Great Western Academy for the invitation to lead their Coding Enrichment Club this term. The fact that every child operates their own laptop, and the marvellous resources were impressive – but what impressed me most was the polite, attentive and eager approach from pupils who were determined to get the most from their time, and to learn how to extend their coding skills into the realms of physical computing and Python.


South West Conference

Thanks to Beverly, Shirley and the team for a fascinating series of lectures and workshops in the beautiful surrounds of Plymouth University.

I came away feeling ever more inspired to take Computing further, and to broaden what we can offer in schools


A first play with Code Bug..




Code Bug, it transpires, is capable of producing 9 data sets and will soon feature WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity.

It has huge potential for Connected Technologies , Maker Education and the promotion of real world applications / data-driven decision making skills.


My grasp of core networking theories deepened thanks to Duncan Maidens and his simple-but-brilliant hands on approach to unravelling what data transmission is actually all about.

The whole faculty reverberated with exciting applications of tech.



from dawn to dusk, Plymouth is a beautiful spot.



The Cigar Box Computer gets a camera


..and a relay unit..


Beginning to run out of room in the box now! Amazingly the Rav power block continues to provide sufficient mw and voltage level.

Had to dissassemble the Pi 3B to reach the camera connector. Added a double height pin rack for the GPIO to allow access to the pins even with the Astro Pi / Sense Hat reattached.