Pre ICE deodorant experiment

Not an attempt to avoid sweating tomorrow, but rather attempting to meet a challenge set by Paddy Bradley of SWLEP ahead of my presentation at the ICE event tomorrow..

Could Zjeremy show in his live data feed a distinct difference between the current pristine tree particulate reading and the polluted air around him. No better way to pollute that air than Lynx Inca, methought – and so the data proved: careful breathing in when spraying – those particles really do fill the air!


Teacher with tech

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  1. Paddy Bradley

    Brilliant response to the challenge, Phil and a clear demonstration the adverts were right. It is powerful stuff that Lynx! However, it does pose a question. Did you buy the Lynx specifically for the experiment…or did you already have it in your toilet bag?

    1. Philip

      Thanks Paddy. The Lynx had been gathering dust in the garage – containing, it transpires, a potency well beyond that which I had remembered.!

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