Cambridge Algorithms II

The Centre for Computing History was my destination once more for Day 2 of the NCCE Algorithms in GCSE Computer Science course.

Anjali and Chris were again on hand to guide our small but merry group in the ways of approaching a challenge patiently, logically and with an eye to what can be delivered through coding.

Loving the pun in the name: the concept of computing – ie applying a logical reasoned process to – history itself.!





Cambridge Algorithm Fun

Immersed in the wonderful world of historical tech at The Centre For Computing History, in Cambridge.

My thanks to Anjali and Chris for a fascinating insight into engaging techniques for the teaching of algorithms.

Their delivery of this NCCE Accelerator course was inspirational, in every sense!

Also rather enjoyed the chance to explore the adjoining facilities at lunchtime and then to have the immense space, crammed with humming / beeping / clicking tech to enjoy – until it was time to catch the bus back.!