Reflections on a sabbatical year

From climbing trees in the woods of Northern Ireland whilst clutching Raspberry Pi units, to helping children who were on the cusp of quitting school to build adventure game-books, this year has been a real eye-opener to me.

It is a rare privilege to become free to teach what one chooses. I hadn’t dared believe that it could happen, but now Flickernet is full steam ahead – 24 years on from those early Dot Com years – with a new focus called TTH: Tech To Help. This is what I will be up to, going forward – please see the synopsis page for more information or if you would like to be involved.


ICE cool

Huge thanks to Brea, Paddy and Laura for a great gathering at the Cyber Business Centre in Chippenham yesterday. It was great to see this amazing facility filled with students and industry representatives along with a wide range of career guidance specialists. There was a buzz throughout – that even the built-in Faraday cage and sound muffling technology couldn’t dampen!

My thanks also to Sarah. It was a privilege to represent Odyssey Hub. Sarah even managed to set up a moisture-sampling experiment to check on the health of the CBC plants while we were there! Our combined eagerness to see physical computing widely adopted in primary schools fits neatly with the SWLEP vision for uptake in physical computing across our region too.

I look forward to helping with these endeavours in every way that I can going forward, in the hopes that by May ’24 we will have won the Raspberry Pi competition!