The Space To Learn Woodland Coding for St Louis Primary School took place on 18th October 2023.

It was held in Mourne Park, Kilkeel.

25 pupils attended this first Woodland Coding Space To Learn event.

Small circuit boards called a Micro:Bit were coded by the pupils:

This programmable device is popular in schools throughout the UK, and globally. It features the ability to interact through a range of input sensors and controls; to process those inputs according to the code that is downloaded to it and to output sounds, pictures, words and radio signals.

The Space To Learn Facility:

  • Everyone is welcomed into the calm woodland setting.
  • An outdoor projector, seating area and refreshments are in place throughout. 
  • The introduction tells them about the woodland; explains what physical computing is (with demonstrations); then outlines the children’s  mission for the day.
  • Resources are displayed below on this page (embedded .pdf file).

Micro:Bits cost from £15 each. They are available widely, including on Amazon

Every Primary School in the UK is being offered 30 Micro:Bits for free as part of a Nominet funded push to boost coding and physical computing in schools. Take-up of this offer has been exceptional: with 75% of UK Primary Schools now registered.

Thanks to Meet and Code (a European initiative for fostering digital skills) for helping to fund this event.