Scrap Store – the fun begins!

For great value electronic kit (broken toys for the most part) Scrap Store is hard to beat.

Now for some dismantling and corroded battery removal.

 I had some help making an initial assessment of the loot..

Note a startled expression when the dog sat up and barked.!


1st day of {Secondary} school

Left for the start of my Secondary adventure this morning having watched my son bond with Big Trak – tis time for his father to ensure that he can stay one step ahead!

My thanks to Lydiard Park Academy Trust who gave me a perfect welcome today. The IT / Computing team are brilliant – seamless in their vision for excellence in delivery of this fabulous subject. Looking forward to teaching tomorrow – feeling a welling up of excitement that the time has come to focus on one subject – and to be able to explore that subject alongside a truly great team.



{Join the} Club

Programming Club, Technology Club, Coding Club, Digital Making / editing / design / craft / etc

all amounts to an opportunity for extra fun!



Mars robot


‘Exploration’ of the playground beamed into the classroom via Skype

The weather on Mars in real-time


Space as a natural fit for tech ventures