Crowd Beamer

Testing out a Crowd Beamer unit lent to us by the parent of a pupil. It transmits the video signal (though not the audio) via a dedicated WiFi channel which pupils can then view, zoom in to and capture on their own devices.



A James Bond themed evening in aid of our local primary school called for an outfit festooned with gadgetry!

Cue Q: A Rav Power block running to a chest held hub so that USB devices could attach centrally with wires tucked away!

The wrist-worn Microbit had different messages displayed including “Pay attention 007” {button B} and {when shaken}: “shaken, not stirred”  (of course!)

Having a loudspeaker was fun, although the request for “James Bond to reception, James Bond to reception” could perhaps have sounded less Tesco and more Mountain Lair.



The neo pixels of a Circuit Playground, or a heart aglow?!



The gadgetry was investigated once the mission was completed..







Cotswold Raspberry Jam

Thanks to Andy Andy Andrew Mark and Paul for a great welcome to their Raspberry Jam, hosted at the Waterworth building of the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham campus.

We demonstrated the Cigar Box Computer in action and enjoyed trying out the Raspberry Pi creations that were on display.

Space Invaders, using three micro-switches


Paul has built the most amazing assortment of security equipment that can even face-track and monitor overflying aircraft.


Two children are now showing great interest in Scratch, which is a very happy outcome!





Cambridge Algorithms II

The Centre for Computing History was my destination once more for Day 2 of the NCCE Algorithms in GCSE Computer Science course.

Anjali and Chris were again on hand to guide our small but merry group in the ways of approaching a challenge patiently, logically and with an eye to what can be delivered through coding.

Loving the pun in the name: the concept of computing – ie applying a logical reasoned process to – history itself.!





Cambridge Algorithm Fun

Immersed in the wonderful world of historical tech at The Centre For Computing History, in Cambridge.

My thanks to Anjali and Chris for a fascinating insight into engaging techniques for the teaching of algorithms.

Their delivery of this NCCE Accelerator course was inspirational, in every sense!

Also rather enjoyed the chance to explore the adjoining facilities at lunchtime and then to have the immense space, crammed with humming / beeping / clicking tech to enjoy – until it was time to catch the bus back.!





Transition Group Meeting – we are underway!


Thank you to everyone who came along to LPA on Wednesday (20th March) for the first major gathering. There was a sense of tangible potential in the room that will make the next step – reporting on the data as a research project – a fun challenge to underpin the initiatives ahead. Thank you especially to Beverly who shared NCCE opportunities to all and for her encouragements. The mix of Primary and Secondary colleagues in one room, all sharing and documenting what they see of Transition each year – and taking the time to record those experiences with a view to improving the outlook for all pupils – was a mighty resource in action.