You are welcome to become involved with any aspect of Flickernet.

If being a teacher has taught me one thing, it is that many brains produce the best outcomes!

There are three distinct areas in which Flickernet operates. Each presents an opportunity for involvement, depending on your own interests and motivation.


The first is Space To Learn. This is the core of what Flickernet is about: teaching through technology.

At one time we had the strap-line “The best of technology, explored with you” which perhaps captures the coaching aspiration which we have sought to offer for over twenty years: joint amazement at the many ways in which technology benefits learners.

Today Flickernet specialises in Physical Computing, offered under the auspices of STEM, CAS and the NCCE. 

There are many opportunities to inspire learners and their teachers with the cross curricular potential of computing – especially when it is hands-on, tangible and practical. 

If you would like to discuss S2L or to become involved in session delivery, perhaps as a STEM Ambassador, please email me:

An important element of Space To Learn is our recently established testbed / prototyping environment Northern Ireland. 

It may be that you have project ideas for remote monitoring to support learners and teachers with data feeds from the Mourne Mountains. If you are interested in deploying such experiments – especially those which incorporate Raspberry Pi or Micro:Bit devices, please do contact me with your ideas. There is plenty of bandwidth, mains electricity and, yes, space available which I am happy to share!

The second is Tinker. This is a space for enthusiasts of technology who would like to explore what can be built using the techniques of physical computing and maker space ingenuity, without necessarily seeking direct educational outcomes (indirect learning is unavoidable!) 

The core group who meet to build, discuss and occasionally podcast is open to all. We would just ask that you agree with our mission statement: to do good with what is built and not to charge anything for it.

Details of current and upcoming projects can be found on the Tinker website page.

Finally the Flickernet Archive is an ongoing personal mission to digitise, document and relate family history. I am seeking to write a historical narrative. 

It is based in Northern Ireland, however the processes and experiences that it has led to may be of interest. If so please feel free to get in touch and I will happily share what I can with you about the project.