Welcome to the Internet Of Things page. Here you will find details of some new IoT experiments, each of which is designed to support learning in the classroom through the provision of data that is:

  • current

  • relevant

  • real-time

  • informative

  • easily accessed

  • from a specific environment

For further details about how PC (Physical Computing) can support learners in school, please click here:


 To understand more of how these IoT experiments fit into the wider STEM technology test-bed project in Northern Ireland please see:


This is the Enviro+ being attached to a tree in Northern Ireland. It is now live – recording particle matter;  various metrics; and images of the nearby environmentally sensitive ancient woodland. 


Next will be connecting the first live data stream to the MongoDB hosting platform.

This is the Enviro+ being attached to a Raspberry Pi 4 with the particulate sensor also connected.

The configuration script can be seen along with some example LCD displays. 

Next will be testing in the outdoor environment, then connectivity to the MongoDB hosting platform.

Here is a YouTube video that explains how the output data can also be linked to Azure:


Videos relating to the Internet Of Things: