Once upon a time computer games meant 2D screen action. 

Long before Doom or Driller or even Pac-Man 3D, there was little immersive depth to be found in a computer game. Apart, that is, from Elite.


Where most games were content to offer a few levels, Elite offered whole galaxies to explore. It felt unending and it challenged you to progress to the point that you were rated “elite”.

This page is a celebration of the original Elite. It is best downloaded and played on an old (32 bit or less) PC. For those of you with modern 64 bit operating systems there is an emulator available to provide a taster. 

1. Click here to activate an online Dos emulator

2: Download the Elite .zip file – located in the folder above – then drop into the emulator window

3: type elites into the box and click Start

4. Use the Flight Training Manual .pdf (also in the folder above) to begin the game

 Can also be downloaded and run directly on an older PC!


Click here for an online guide to the game

(if needed)