Bloviators Debating Club

Launched in February 2024: a debating club that is open to all:

  • in Cirencester
  • with a unique spinner selection wheel: generating random team players from those present who are keen to have a go! 

If you enjoy presenting a point of view; marshalling an argument or even pure bloviating, please feel free to come along

  • Free to attend, refreshments served, everyone welcome.

The Eight Stages of Bloviator debates:

In other words, for those who would like to take part in the debate:

  • register your name as you arrive
  • if yours is one of the six names drawn by spinner, then you have been selected to take part
  • the order in which your name was drawn determines the team that you are on
  • it is then determined by a flipping a coin if your team will be proposing or opposing the motion
  • speakers take turns with the proposing team opening the debate
  • Once all speakers have made their first 2 minute speech, the debate is opened to the floor
  • Each speaker then has a second two minute speech in which to develop their own points further or to respond to the opposing team and floor speaker points

To express your interest / ask questions please email Phil Anley using the following email address:

(or just come along – no registration necessary)

There were three possible motions for debating on 23rd February 2024:

  • Human beings present the greatest threat to life in the solar system: it would be best for us to remain on a single planet
  • Superheroes make the best role models for children 
  • Pets should always be permitted in the workplace

The motion voted for was: 

  • Human beings present the greatest threat to life in the solar system: it would be best for us to remain on a single planet
After much spirited debate, the motion was successfully opposed!

Procedural notes:

We will be following a version of the Mace Format rules.

Our Chairperson, John Taylor, will provide a summary of the rules at the beginning of the session.

Points Of Information may be offered from the floor, subject to:

  • The current speaker accepting them
  • A factual inaccuracy having been identified
Team speakers are limited to 5 minutes speaking time each. 
The Chair will give notice once there is one minute remaining. A bell will sound when time is up.
Audience members may choose to express an interest in taking part or, if they prefer, in only watching.

Debating sessions will last for a maximum of one hour, from 6pm to 7pm on Friday evenings at monthly intervals.

Whilst there will not be a charge for attending debates, or for taking part in them, over the long term we are aiming to raise funds for the UCL / GOSH Pulmonary Hypertension Research Team.

Donations will help the search for treatments, and towards a cure, for Pulmonary Hypertension in children.