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est November 10th 2022

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Purple: use AI to read an energy meter then send the results via email detailing the energy use of those appliances that are connected to the sensor plugs. Compare this usage to the pre-set limit. Will also use Sense-Hat to make LEDs indicate the amount of energy being used (red, yellow, green)

Heat Hunters: Design and build a roving robot that uses a thermal imaging camera to identify and locate heat wastage within the monitored area. Once detected the robot will stop at the location and alert the user through email. May also send a Bluetooth signal to a Micro:Bit as an instant alert.

Nerds: The Raspberry Pi will detect if a room is too hot or cold and it will send a notification to your phone to encourage you to adjust the thermostat. It will use an attached solar panel to measure the level of sunlight outside. Combined with the on board thermometer, this will monitor for conditions that allow the thermostat to be lowered due to the presence of sunshine.

The PA Consulting Competition Entries are taking shape..

The Micro:Bit metal detector in action:

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