Welcome to the Zjeremy page. 


A few months in the planning, and a good few evenings of building fun, have resulted in this unlikely demo robot taking shape!

His mission is to be: programmable; educational and modular – that is to say it should be easy to add functionality to the basic structure. He is not yet ready to explore the wider world of secondary education but there will come a moment.. The ARC will be his first and foremost destination. 


Key components:

Raspberry Pi 3b+ x2

Sense HAT


RAV Power block

MakeBlock chassis

Bush rechargable speaker

Sparkfun air quality sensor SGP30

Pi Hut micro servo unit MG90D

Pimoroni night vision module 70 degree

Gravity 10A relay module

N20 6v DV Motor with magnetic encoder 1:100 ratio

3A 2 channel DC Motor Driver board

Range of Qwiic connectors and cabling

Assorted Meccano